Are you not in your skin? Stress, fatigue and maybe anger building up in you? Come to us!

One would go crazy these days. Everything keeps getting more expensive and we have to put up with it. Is this fair? Why should we pay for the fact that the state got into debt in the past years? Why does so much money have to be deducted from our paychecks and as a bonus we slowly can`t even afford to breathe. Today`s prices are hell. A real hell. When will this end? When will the high prices end? Why does everything still have to go so high in price? And why do high-ranking people in politics, for example, have incredibly high salaries, while the rest of us can live paycheck to paycheck? Why doesn`t the state care about us?

nabíjení zbraně

It`s always us ordinary people who come last. This is not right! Do you see yourself in it too? Are you stressed by the ever-increasing prices of food and drink, as well as everyday necessities? It would drive you crazy. People have to find at least two jobs to support their families and afford a roof over their heads. If you`re also feeling this stress from everything that`s going on in this world – go and unwind somewhere where you can get it all out of you. Try the shooting range and try to react in style!

shooting range

The shooting range is recommended by satisfied customers who vent their anger when shooting at targets. It is a wonderful method of getting rid of stress and anxiety. When shooting at targets, they often imagine a completely different target and then they shoot really better and with more taste.

Have you ever tried shooting a gun that you hold in your hands? Come with family, friends or whoever you want. Try this new stress-relieving activity with someone you can also chat with. Both men and women go to the shooting range. Of course, you can come alone if you want. We keep our prices low, so don`t worry about leaving your entire paycheck here. Order as soon as possible and we will look forward to seeing you. We will lend you everything and prepare it.